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Six-Trix Screenshot Clip
Six-Trix v3.1    (Freeware $0)    UPD!

Six-Trix German description.
Download German version

Six-Trix comprises three original tetris-style games based around pieces made up of six blocks. The pieces can be rotated through 3 axes in space.

The idea of game 1 is to fill horizontal lines with the blocks, as in tetris, but the rules are somewhat more complex: a piece's color is also important.
In game 2, pieces are multicolored, and when you drop a piece, adjacent blocks of the same color will disappear.
Game 3 is similar to game 1, in that pieces are of a solid color, but the Tetris Creator clambers around the game pit.

True color graphics. Rating: 5 Cows on TUKIDS (highest)! TUKIDS says: I simply love the interface; it's easy to use and kid friendly with bright and bold colors. I'm sure you'll love it, too! Check it out!
and more awards...
Six-Trix Page
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Battlejeep Screenshot Clip
Battlejeep v1.15    (Shareware $15.00)    UPD!

Battlejeep is a simple, quick and very addictive arcade.

You control rocket-armed military jeep and fight against enemy helicopters armada.

Prepare for HARD battle! Enemies have several types of helicopters and each of them has its own special abilities. The game has sharp graphics and nice battle music.

Rating: ZDNet 4 Stars! and more awards...
System Requirements: Windows all, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).
Battlejeep Page
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Aqualines Screenshot Clip
Aqualines v2.1    (Shareware $12.00)

Aqualines is a game of action.
The game field resembles an aquarium containing coral and sea creatures. They move from the top of the aquarium to the bottom along the coral branches. You can change the structure of the coral to steer the creatures.

German description

System requirements: Windows all, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).

Rating: 4 cows on Tucows! Tucows reviewer said: Unique idea -- Great game!
and more awards...
Aqualines Page
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CycleMan Screenshot Clip
CycleMan v4.0    (Shareware $12.00)

CycleMan is a combination of three original arcade games: Revolve Pipes, Bind Blocks, and Pipe Genius.

Build closed loops by rotating tiles (Revolve Pipes) or connecting blocks (Bind Blocks)! Pipe Genius will improve your perception and test your planning skills

This game makes a great coffee break diversion and is suitable for kids.

CycleMan contains music, sound effects and hand drawn graphics. It works in full screen mode at 800x600 in highcolor.

Rating: 5 Cows on TUCOWS! (highest) TUCOWS says: ...Great puzzle games tend to be addictive, and I haven't found too many that are better than this [game].
and more awards...
CycleMan Page
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Domino Dilemma Screenshot Clip
Domino Dilemma v1.2    (Shareware $10.00)

Domino Dilemma is a puzzle game.
In this perplexing puzzle, a set of dominoes will be laid out before you. There are 28 unique pieces (rectangles consisting of 2 squares). Easy? Unfortunately, the dominoes' outlines are not displayed, and it is your job to work out the correct positioning of each domino.

German description

System Requirements: Windows all, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).

Domino Dilemma Page
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Lode Doomer Screenshot Clip
Lode Doomer v1.1    (Shareware $15.00)    NEW!

This new cool game is a variety of legendary Lode Runner, but enemies here are smarter than in the original game!

Various monsters will pursue your superhero on many levels!
Good reflexes, sharp wit, playing skill are needed to help him collecting all bombs on the screen in order to get access to the next stage.

System requirements: Pentium 266Mhz or higher, Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP, DirectX 7.0 or newer. Sound card is optional.

Lode Doomer Page
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Three Leaves Screenshot Clip
Three Leaves v3.2    (Shareware $14.50)    
Three Leaves lets you play addictive card game against computer opponents or up to 4 friends through Internet.
Game rules are very simple, and game is very easy to learn.

Nice interface (snowy or wooden)
4 sets of cards (traditional 36-card pack and three additional sets)
animated players
sound effects and original music.

Rating: ZDNet 5 Stars! (highest) ZDNet says:Three Leaves is a fun, addictive card game that offers above-average graphics, animation, and sound. Rating: 5 Cows on TUKIDS! (highest) TUKIDS says: Fun card game, easy for anyone to play. and more awards...
System Requirements: Windows all, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows).
3 Leaves Page
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Mad Checkers Screenshot Clip
Mad Checkers v4.50    (Shareware $19.00)

Mad Checkers is a collection of checkers games on different boards (from 4x12 to 12x4).

There are six games in this version:
International draughts, Brazilian checkers,
Canadian checkers, Spanish checkers,
Straight checkers,
and Give Away (Loosing Game) by any rule!

Rating: 5 Stars on Paul's Picks!
and more awards...

Mad Checkers has finely tunable behavior and game algorithm (try to beat it at Expert level!), nice interface with skins support and sound effects.
Just a must-have for checkers fans!

Mad Checkers Page
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MadDummy Screenshot Clip
MadDummy v1.0    (Shareware $12.50)


Finally someone came upon the idea to flatten out a hateful Rubik cube!

The original puzzle set on the base of multi-colored crossing circles.

Restore the initial order by rotating a tangle of colors!

System Requirements: Windows all

Rating: 5 Stars on File Hungry!
and more awards...
MadDummy Page
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Lightris Screenshot Clip
Lightris v1.5    (Shareware $15.00)    UPD!

Lightris is an addictive action game.
Bricks of various forms fall from the top of playing area and your task is to destroy them.
Just try to form a solid row of blocks across the playing area and the row will disappear.

The game has a lot a features such as customizable playing area, various brick sets, magically appearing (or disappearing) blocks and much more.

Rating: 5 Stars on File Hungry!
and more awards...

And, be sure, Lightris has a nice game graphics and music. Enjoy!

Lightris Page
Currently unavailable for purchasing
15-Pack Screenshot Clip
15-Pack v1.29    (Shareware $12.00)  NEW!
15-Pack is a cool award-winning computer puzzle game, the best game in its class. It is an advanced, more fun and addictive version of the classical 15 puzzle, that is game goal - recreate original order of randomly shuffled numbered pieces in the least moves and time possible.
20 various game boards from 3x3 up to 8x8 size;
16 board skins;
original background music.

System Requirements:Windows all
Rating: ZDNet 5 Stars!
15-Pack Page
Currently unavailable for purchasing
BrainTwister Screenshot Clip
BrainTwister v2.0    (Shareware $9.95)
It is another good game for your Windows desktop. BrainTwister is a variant of Mastermind, popular logic game also known as Bulls&Cows.
With BrainTwister you can train hard your logic and deduction or merely enjoy endless game combinations.
fully customizable game rules (select from very easy to extremely hard puzzle to solve)

System Requirements:Windows all
Rating: ZDNet 4 Stars!
BrainTwister Page
Currently unavailable for purchasing

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