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Three Leaves 3.2

Shareware $14.50 or 11.70 Euro
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Three Leaves lets you play addictive card game against friends and computer opponents.

Player having the best combination of three cards is a winner. Is it simple? Try to win!

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Game menu

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Winter Interface

This edition of the game has a new snowy appearance and four sets of cards (two in unregistered version).

Now you can play not only with the classic 36-card pack - the new original sets of cards make the game more fun and exciting.

The new themes of cards are: Slot machine, Fishes and Christmas. All have their unique rules of card ranking

This version of the game has some more options making it more attractive to kids.

Download Three Leaves 3.2
Click one of the links below:
Self-Extracting Installation (1.33M)
Download Self Extracting Installation (1.33M)! >> From Primary Site
(location - Canada)
From Secondary Site
(location - USA)
Packaged in ZIP File (1.32M)
Download Zip File (1.32M)! >> From Primary Site
(location - Canada)
From Secondary Site
(location - USA)
Download Translations of Three Leaves 3.2
The primary language of this game is English.
Click one of the links below to download translations to another languages:
Language Pack for Three Leaves Self Extracting Installation (100K)
Zip File (7K)
Included Languages:
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Talking before starting game
Up to 4 people can play over Internet. Three Leaves supports ICQ to make a connection to other players easy. During a game you can chat with your opponents.

Three Leaves features nice interface, players animation, sound effects and original music.
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Screenshot of single player game
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Screenshot of multiplayer game

We hope that when you try Three Leaves you will like it so much that you will want to register. After registering:
  • all registration reminders will be removed
  • all 4 sets of cards will be available
  • 15 day evaluation period limitation will be removed
The registration fee is $14.50 or 11.70 Euro

Order Three Leaves now! (via RegNow, USA) - $14.50

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/NT monitor with more than 256 colors.
Sound card is recommended.
You need to have Internet connection to enjoy the multiplayer game.
Important note: this version of game does not support connections through http-proxy. If you are interested primary in multiplayer game with friends and not sure about using http-proxy, we highly recommend you to test ability to play with them before registering.
Tip: if the game runs too slow on your computer, change interface to "Wood" and restart game


Paul's Picks Five Star Award Rating: ZDNet 5 Stars!
ZDNet says:Three Leaves is a fun, addictive card game that offers above-average graphics, animation, and sound. Rating: 5 Cows on TUKIDS!
TUKIDS says: Fun card game, easy for anyone to play. ListSoft says COOL! Yippee Rating: 4! Yippee says: Really cute! Cool music and cute mice sounds, make this easy to play, simple three card betting game more addictive...
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