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BrainTwister v2.0

Shareware $9.95
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Game Overview
ZDNet 4 Stars!

It is another good game for your Windows desktop. BrainTwister is a variant of Mastermind, popular logic game also known as Bulls&Cows. With BrainTwister you can train hard your logic and deduction or merely enjoy endless game combinations. Game goal is guessing randomly generated secret code consisting of several different numbers.

Download BrainTwister v2.0 - 309 Kb

Gameplay looks so: you enter your guess code, computer compares it with the secret code and gives you two clues: numbers of "bulls" and "cows". What does this mean? A bull is a digit which is present in both the codes in the same position. And a cow is a digit which is present in both the codes in the different position. For example, if the secret code is 256 and you ask 516, an answer will be "one bull and one cow" (but you won't know which digit is a bull and which digit is a cow). That's all!


BrainTwister has several changeable game parameters such as length of secret code and limit of guess tries. Altering these parameters you can select from very easy to extremely hard puzzle to solve.

BrainTwister is shareware - this means that you can download this game, install it and play, but some features will be unavailable. If you like that game and wish to play with all available features - you must register. For complete registration you pay us just $9.95, then you receive registration code, after entering which all game features will be available.

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System Requirements

Pentium 100 or higher, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

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