Arcade games of the 80's: the golden age of arcade games

Classic arcade games of the early 80ís were a hallmark of technological innovation in arcade gaming around that time. The years 1978 and 1979 were significant because they marked the release of some of the earliest arcade games in history. And then in 1979, the world was introduced to vector display technology. Game developers like Sega and Atari produced Star Trek and Star wars respectively. These games were a major hit at the time because they were among the first games to utilize vector display technology. But this technology was soon rendered obsolete as a result of the high cost that was associated with repairing and upgrading games.

The technology that drove the popularity of these games in the late 70s

Arcades that specialized in video gaming became popular towards the end of the 70s because this is what they could offer best Ė arcade video games. This era was marked by classics such as Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Galaxian. In the 80s, the industry got fired up with games such as Pac Man and Defender entering the market. Whereas Atari had already produced a game called Pong in 1972 (and people were really enjoying it), this game was based on primitive discreet circuitry technology. It could not compete with later versions that were released towards the end of the 70s and early 80s. The latter games were created with central processing unit which in turn allowed more complexity than their inferior counterparts.

In short, the 1970s was a period of arcade boom for video gaming. This period forms the basis upon which interactive gaming of today is based on.

At the time, colored video monitors had already been introduced and were in use with games such as Speed Race Twin and Indy 800. However, RGB color graphics had not been introduced. This only became a reality in 1979 when the game Galaxian was produced.

The subsequent years saw arcade game developers coming up with multi-directional scrolling technology. This was good for space combat games which were very popular at the time. In fact, as soon as this technology was discovered, first-person shooter characters and objects could move in all directions while allowing players to scroll in multiple directions as well. This technology formed the basis of 3rd generation gaming consoles and subsequently 5th generation consoles.

Gameplay in the early arcade video games

By the time the world was coming to the late 80s, the industry had already recorded massive success with arcade video games. It was something that many other developers were willing to put their investments on.

Because creativity was rare at the time, most developers didnít bother to go back to the drawing board. Instead, they just copied the idea of the earlier games and spruced it up with new gameplay patterns. They also worked on game graphics to make the experience even more fun. You might even be able to find these games at Red Flush casino (but in form of slot machines).

Most arcade video games still remain a favorite among the best video games of the 70s and 80s. Over time, developers have come up with new concepts to make their products even more appealing. As for those who are feeling nostalgic about giving these games a shot in the 21st century, good platforms like Red Flush casino exist. These games have since evolved into slot machines. Play casino games, and you see that the platform has a vast category of games related to this genre.