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Tetris-style Games

Six-Trix on flash! - the best tetris-style game based around pieces made up of six blocks. The pieces can be rotated through 3 axes in space.
Tet-a-Tetris - original Tetris with two game pits and flash effects
3D Tris - a 3D edition of the "ever green" tetris game
Brik - make horizontal, vertical or diagonial lines of three same shapes

Nonograms-style Games

Japanese Puzzles 1st Pack - also known as Nonograms, Paint by Numbers, or Japanese Crosswords, are popular puzzles in which square cells are painted to get a picture.
Light Up - place light bulbs (circles) according to the rules

Arcade Games

CycleMan (Game 1: Revolve Pipes) - your aim is to gain the highest score possible by removing complete circuits of pipes. The best pipe game!
PacHoney Bear - the best PacMan-like game. Eat or be eaten! Objective: eat all of the dots, outsmart the monsters and upgrade to an upper level. 8 levels!
Frogger - this is a frogger remake with nice graphics and sound
Sonica Trip - Sonica Trip ia a nice platform game with various enemys and platforms
Vlax - Vlax is a platform game, a combination of small beautifull gif animations and ActionScript
B-Out - a simple breakout game
Poux - you have to click on contiguous colored diamonds to remove
Up the platform - jump from platform to platform and reach the exit point

Sokoban-style Games

FreeFall - the aim of this game is to remove all colored shapes from the board
Colorsoc - tiles of the same color need to be pushed all together
Eliminator - remove all balls of the same color
Q Game - Q is a hidden puzzle game inside Ericsson T68i
Ledix - you have to push the diamonds to correct positions
Ledix 2 - Ledix adventure 2 is a sokoban style game
Microcosmos - this is a small sokoban clone with 12 levels
Cubilus - the objective is to place all the blocks to their corresponding shapes
Plinx - the objective is to place all the blocks to their corresponding shapes
Sokolan - it looks like Plinx but it plays different with the help of a 'friendly' tile
BoxUp Puzzle - this is a puzzle similar to traditional Sokoban. But here all the boxes are hollow and open on one side
D-Star - move using arrows to collect yellow diamonds
Three Some - you and two friends are stuck in a building

Maze Games

Alphabetic Maze - make your way from the letter A, in the top left corner, to the number 7, in the bottom right corner.
Express Maze - an entertaining problem; the point of which is to search for the only correct route on the square field filled with obstacles.
Full Board - draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each open square.
Full Board for kids - draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each open square. 74 levels from!
Tilox - the aim of the game is to remove all pieces by jumping on them
Alice Mazes - travel in a straight line for a distance equal to step
Chain Reaction - clear the grid by crossing off the colored symbols one by one
Double Maze - this is a flash remake of a maze puzzle called Double Maze
Orientation - it's a tricky style of multi-state arrow maze
Warehouse - Warehouse is a flash remake of a great java mind puzzle game
Tilt Maze - this is a flash remake of the great little puzzle called Tilt Maze
Skid - start from the S and move horizontally and vertically through grid

Math Games

Always 100! - insert between the given digits some of the four arithmetic operations in such a way that each of the ten provided expressions is equal to 100.
Breakfast Brainstorm - rotate the pans in order to make each of the four numbers equal 20 as soon as possible.
Four Color - our new, but classic board game based on Four Color theorem.
The Comets - is a nim-like game. Players take turns moving comets in any direction on a 4x4 game-board, blocking the path of their opponent. The player who can make the last move wins.

Sudoku-style Games

SquareWord - fill the empty cells with the available letters.
Sudoku - enter a numeral from 1 through 9 in each cell of a grid.
S-shape Puzzle - fill the empty cells with the available shapes.
Eight Queens - place 8 queens onto the chess board, no queen can be attacking any other queen

Nim like Games

Nim - players take turns removing any number of counters provided they are all in the same row. The player who removes the last counter wins.

Card Games

Quick Poker - a game of Poker with simple and nice gameplay but no fancy graphics

Board Games

Hijara™ - a game of concentration for two. Hijara... win or lose, it's how you play the game as every turn should be carefully observed to be aware of attack and/or defense strategy.

Word Games

Words - a simple word game

Other Games

Stealer of the Stars - You must collect only greater stars. To win you must catch 20 blinking stars.
Quix - Quix is a fast board game
Simon Like - a Simon like game using gif animation
Color Boxes - click and match the same color boxes as fast as you can
Picture Puzzle - click and unscramble images to make the picture of our Earth
Znax - click 4 tiles of the same color and form squares as big as you can
Fast Lap - this is a single level racing game, run as fast as you can
Blocks - click on contiguous blocks with the same color to remove them
Blix - make columns of same color boxes to win moves
Zinlock - Zinlock is a new puzzle board game
Lights Out - the objective is to turn all lights on the board out
Ponx - you have to move fast and make bunches of same colors
Peg Solitaire - try to remove the pegs by jumping over each peg with another peg
Quadra - try to assemble all small squares of the same color in vertical lines
Rolling Cubes - roll cubes in the start position but with the white faces on top
Square Puzzle - fill the grid with squares according the numbers below and at the right
Top Banana - a simple but addictive board game

Free Online Java Games

CycleMan - you'll have to compile closed contours from patterns and do this as soon as possible.
Abracadabra - you need to find the right path to spell the target words in this puzzle.
Cram - this game is like tic-tac-toe but on a bigger board and you're both using the same pieces.
Super Nim - remember the game nim? We have just made it more interesting.
Javanoid - the best java arkanoid. You can play with mouse or keyboard (left, right, space key).
Basketball - your goal is to shoot the ball into the basket.

On our site you can find downloadable and online games and puzzles created by the masters of this genre. Many of these games and puzzles are unique and can't be found anywhere else. The list of the games will be further enlarged. We hope that you will spend hours of playing our intellectual games and solving our puzzles.

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