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Alphabetic Maze

In the 64 cells of the 8x8 square, all the letters of the alphabet and numbers from 1 to 7 are displayed. The game is to make your way from the letter A, in the top left corner, to the number 7, in the bottom right corner. Your path should run through 33 cells, which contain the alphabet from A up to Z and numbers 1 to 7. The path must not cross itself. You can pass from cell to cell through their sides. There is only one correct path.

Because there are 64 cells and 33 symbols, all symbols except two are displayed twice. It is clear that the correct path runs through these two symbols. We call these symbols passable, and those through which the way doesn't run - non-passable.

To mark a non-passable cell with a cross, click on it. To tick a passable cell with a dot fix the cursor on it and press the key. To connect the cells which are on the way, click on their common side. All these actions can be cancelled in the same way. Your choice should be based on the fact that if any cell appears to be passable, the second cell with the same symbol becomes non-passable and vice-versa.

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