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Always 100!

The goal of the test is to insert between the given digits some of the four arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in such a way that each of the ten provided expressions is equal to 100. Please bear in mind some restrictions while calculating. The division has to be exact, i.e. without the residue. The division by zero is treated as an error. The numbers must not have the unemployed zeros. The operations are performed from left to right with the higher priority of multiplication and division over addition and subtraction.

To insert an arithmetic operator click the space between the respective numbers

Always 100!

and the pop-up menu will appear. Select the required operator from the menu, or the empty square in case you want to cancel the operator which has been inserted there before. To cancel all the operators in an equation click the crossed square to the left of that equation.

To check the answers click the OK button or press Enter. If all ten equations are calculated correctly, then all the question marks will be replaced with "100" and the time clock in the lower left corner will be stopped. In case some question marks are not replaced with "100", then either you haven't calculated the respective equations correctly or the problem with the division by zero appeared. Please, recount them again.

Hint: by default five arithmetic operators are required to be employed in order to get the correct answer for each equation. For example: 9+0+9*9+4+6=100. But you are allowed to find a solution with the less number of operators in it: 90:9*9+4+6=100.

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