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CycleMan downloadable version.

  Having started the game, you'll see a playing field, consisting of 12x12 squares on the screen. When you click "New game", 36 squares will appear at once in the middle of the field and a new square will continue to appear on the screen after set periods of time, depending on the speed value. Your aim is to gain a maximum possible number of scores. You'll have to compile closed contours from these patterns and do this as soon as possible. You must click on the squares to revolve them.
  The squares can be revolved in the manner shown below. An angle can have four positions:

  A square with a straight line can have two positions:

  A square with a cross can't be rotated:

  If you make a closed contour, for example, as complicated as this one:

then all the squares, whish constitute this contour will disappear and you'll get your points. The greater the number of squares in your contour and the higher the game speed, the greater will be your number of scores.
  When the game speed increases, then new squares appear more often. The game ends when the field on the screen is filled up by the squares.
  You can increase speed during the game by clicking "Speed".

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