Where are arcades still popular?

Europe broke its ties with the arcade gaming quite a while ago, and the arcades have been dying a slow death ever since. The invention and rise of gaming consoles has made the arcade game obsolete in the modern world where people want the option to play a new game every day. But, the same is not the case in Japan. Arcades are still a part of Japan's gaming culture, where the business for arcade games continues to grow.

Why are arcades dead in Europe?

There are still a couple of arcade gaming areas here and there across the Europe. But most of them are either in dilapidated condition or are about to close. The rise of the personalized console gaming has made the people turn their back towards arcades where one may have to wait in order to get their turn. Apart from that, arcade games usually come with zero updates, which is why, the audience starts to lose interest in them. The interest piques only when a new machine comes in or there’s some other offer on the plate.

Thus, the European audience is moving towards personal gaming consoles and online gaming platforms like online casino for quite a while now. Here, they can play a new game every day and never get bored. In addition to this, one can play games on casino anytime they want to, especially from the comfort of their home.

Why are arcades still popular in Japan?

Despite the lessening numbers of video games and rise of the art of personal video games, arcades are still very popular in Japan. The number of people going to arcades, known as “game centers” in Japan have reduced. But there’s still a strong community of arcade players that has made their gaming centers as a part of its culture. The arcade gaming was at its peak in the country during the 1990s where many games were released every year. It has now come down to a few releases in a couple of years, but people keep going back even to the older games.

Many Japanese have cited the sense of familiarity and peace at the arcades as the major reason for going back. The tradition of enjoying a favorite video game on a big screen for 20 minutes or more still keeps them tied to the collective fun one has at an arcade. Given their strong community, Japanese also hold JAEPO, i.e. Japanese Amusement Expo every year that also features its latest progress in the arcade gaming area. The arcade gaming scene is now full of people who enjoy playing shooting games, and fighting games. Therefore, most of the arcade games introduced now have themes of rhythm, vision, and power.

The personal video games and online gaming community like that of Casino is on the rise in Japan as well. However, the people who’re in love with the arcades have somehow stayed, for both the tradition, the culture, and the past. And with casino, you might just be able to experience the arcades of Japan - sitting right in your home!