Ever-popular Flash games

People still play flash games because they tend to fill up the idle time between lunch and home time (on a typical work day). But there is also a small segment of players who have turned flash games into some sort of a hobby. They always want to beat their last score on the game, so most of their idle times will be spent playing on the computer. Also, there is no shortage of flash games on the internet these days. In fact, flash games come in various forms and genres which make them a practical option for people who are specific about the category of their most preferred game.

Here's a list of some of the most popular flash games so far:

1 Chimgam

No one is sure where Chimgam came from. All that we know is that it's one of the craziest and fun to play flash games we've ever seen. Although this game isn't big or cleverly-designed, the addiction factor is still very present. One might be forgiven to think that this flash game is as entertaining as those found on the mobile casino.

2 Diamond Mind (Bejeweled)

This is a classic example of a flash game whose theme is centered on moving multi-colored gems with the aim of arranging them in sets of 3. While it's simple to play, Bejeweled can keep you playing for hours.

3 Bow Man

Bow Man was built to reflect an era when bows and arrows were the weapons that mattered. This game is among the best one can pass time with anywhere since it can be played on mobile phones too. Basically, the challenge is to shoot an enemy by first calculating the angle and fire power of the arrow in question. It's still one of the most addictive flash games out there. If you play it for too long during company time, you will most likely have yourself to blame for getting fired, thanks to its super addictive nature.

4 Desktop tower defense

In this game, you will be seated in front of your desk while sipping tea because you are not working. Then suddenly a group of creeps will attack you. To save yourself of the imminent danger, the game provides you with resources that can help you set up canons for purposes of blowing up the invaders. You will certainly love this game no matter what.

5 Line Rider

For those who haven't played Line Rider, they haven't lived yet. Don't be fooled by this game because it looks so simple on the surface. But deep down it (after playing for a couple of minutes), you will find yourself between a rock and a hard place. In Line Rider, players often find themselves taking journeys that only the brave can pursue. Again, you risk getting fired by your boss when you go overboard.

6 The Last Stand

People who love Resident Evil can catch up with this genre on Platinum Play casino or better still, play it online for free without risking any money. The game basically satisfies your urge to kill zombies. The game advances in levels. So if you're advanced enough, you will be given more weapons to finish the zombies once and for good.

You definitely can't go wrong with these flash games. They are an excellent time waster and boredom killer. That's a guarantee we are giving right now. Furthermore, you have nothing to lose by testing them out at your free time.