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Six-Trix v3.1

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Six-Trix comprises three original tetris-style games based around pieces made up of six blocks. The pieces can be rotated through 3 axes in space.

Six-Trix is very addictive, so be prepared to spend long hours playing it!

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The idea of game 1 is to fill horizontal lines with the blocks, as in tetris, but the rules are somewhat more complex: a piece's color is also important.

Game 2 >
In game 2, pieces are multicolored, and when you drop a piece, adjacent blocks of the same color will disappear. This calls for some skill, and a quick eye.
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Tetris Creator
Game 3 is similar to game 1, in that pieces are of a solid color, but the Tetris Creator clambers around the game pit. You will need to avoid crushing him with game pieces - or it will be Game Over !
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Now Six-Trix is freeware!

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Six-Trix = World's Best Records = Six-Trix
Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
Connie231230 Tony Gott1344 (empty)---
Connie128430 Author1208 (empty)---
Connie113128 Tony Gott1060 (empty)---
Connie89986 Tony Gott655 (empty)---
Author88842 (empty)---- (empty)---
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System requirements:

Windows 32/64, DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows). The game works in 800x600 resolution with true color graphics. Sound card is optional.

Rating: 5 Cows on TUKIDS (highest)!
TUKIDS says: I simply love the interface;
it's easy to use and kid friendly with bright and bold colors.
I'm sure you'll love it, too! Check it out! Yippee Rating: 4!
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